What are fine lines and wrinkles?

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and drier, which causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you take good care of yourself today you can slow the natural skin aging process.


What’s the difference between fine lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines
Fine lines are the early signs of wrinkle formation. They usually occur in the most expressive areas of your face, like around the eyes, mouth and forehead. They don’t necessarily signify aging. Fine lines can be created due to such as a lack of moisture in the skin or facial expressions. Try Hylunia’s Intensive Repair Eye Cream formulated with a complex of eight peptides that help minimize fine lines around the eyes.

A wrinkle is deeper and much more noticeable and permanent than a fine line. As aging occurs, so does loss of elasticity in the skin, which causes a thinning and folding of the skin. This is when fine lines turn into wrinkles. Hylunia’s Beyond Complex C delivers a rapid dose of Vitamin C that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles by 25% after 12 days of use.

What causes fine lines and wrinkles

Aging, sun exposure, genetics, lifestyle, diet, skin damage can all contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. The real culprit, however, is a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen is a group of proteins naturally in the skin. Elastin is a different type of protein found in the skin which is responsible for allowing tissues in the body to “snap back” after being stretched out. As these proteins break down the skin begins to lose its ability to bounce back into shape resulting in wrinkles of the skin.

While there’s nothing you can do to completely stop the breaking down of collagen and elastin fibers over time, now you know how they can be slowed down.

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