Ancient Ayurveda for the modern World.

Ayurveda is a science of life. “Ayus” means life, and “ved” means knowledge. It is a real knowledge about life – the knowledge about what the real life is and how to manage it.

Ayurveda sets the highest standards for the concept of "natural" skincare.

In classical Ayurveda, only food-grade ingredients are used in Ayurvedic skincare. This is because the skin "eats" anything applied to the skin, which gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream in a matter of seconds.

Modern World

Daily exposure to ingredients such as fragrance, dyes, and preservatives can cause inflammation that burdens the immune system, allowing it less time to repair and heal, which leads to premature aging.

As we are exposed to seemingly endless stress, toxins and chemicals in our contemporary lives, many of us are looking to ancient beauty therapies and Ayurvedic remedies to cope.

This is what inspired us in 1988 to create Hylunia Skincare, a plant-based, non-toxic, Ayurvedic skincare line with the modern science of actives and anti-oxidants of the West.