Blemish Control Travel Kit

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This travel kit is specially designed for acne-prone / oily skin.
  • Deep cleanses to minimize excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, ingrown hairs and other blemishes.
  • Colloidal Silver’s germ-fighting properties help heal acne-prone skin.
  • Anti-oxidants like Green Tea help your skin heal faster and soothe irritated skin.

Key Ingredients: Bilberry, Centipeda Cunninghamii Extract, Lavender, Sugar Maple Extract., Sugar Cane.

How to Use: 

Salicylic Facial Cleansing Gel

Apply a small amount between moist hands and massage over face and neck, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly with luke-warm water. Use daily, morning and night.

Colloidal Silver Mist

Mist all over face and neck after daily cleansing, or mist as needed to hydrate and revive skin during the day.

Advanced Acne Spot Minimizer Gel

Apply a drop to fingertips and gently massage over face and neck, avoiding the eyes, and leave on. Use daily, morning or night, before moisturizing. Can be used as a spot treatment for blemishes and acne, or over the entire face.

Hyaluronic Oil Free Moisturizer

For oily / acne-prone skin, use as a moisturizer after cleansing. For dry skin, use under a Hylunia moisturizer for maximum hydration. May be applied to problem areas on the face and body.