How to look after dry skin caused by handwashing and sanitiser

The concerns over health worldwide have increased people’s attention to hand washing. This is a good thing! Hand washing is basic hygiene and it’s the kind of thing that we do so often, we can become sort of blasé about it. It’s a positive development that people are really taking the time to do it right!

However, this does come with a down side.

Exposing the skin of your hands to hot water and rough soaps so many times a day can leave you feeling dried out and papery. Let’s not even get started on the current fixation on alcohol based hand-sanitisers that will leave you cracked and peeling in no time.

Irritated skin is vulnerable to becoming cracked and sore and then has an increased risk of infection. This is even worse for people with already sensitive, damaged or fragile skin such as eczema.

Keeping the skin well moisturised and avoiding irritants is key.

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